a picture of a cat sleeping in front of a window, with dreamy bubbles floating around it containing food, a couch, a computer

Or, 10 Lessons From an Experimental Year Living Like a House Pet

Today you will look out the window and not go out. Next week the door might open and you might go out, or you might not. You won’t know until then and today is today.

Your bed may move. Your chair may move. Your desk may move. But you will…

Gretchen Robinette forBrooklynVegan

I listen to Dilly Dally on the subway. My eye flit from person to person and at my own reflection in the door across from me as I sway with the inertia of the moving train. I listen to them when I’m on the bus as I look at the…

Sara McGuire

Twitter: @sara_mcguire

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